Do you need some Get Well Soup?

Get Well Soup by Stampin’ Up

I know when I’m feeling down and under nothing makes me perk up like a good pot of homemade chicken noodle soup and what could be better than receiving a handmade get well card with it? I try so hard to be involved in a physical sense with the people I care about. Nowadays everything is moving towards social media and that’s wonderful in some aspects but there is nothing like opening the mailbox and finding a handwritten letter or a thoughtful card. Have you ever watched the face of a child when the mail is delivered and there is something special for them? 

Today’s card uses the Get Well Soup stamp by Stampin’ Up and a vintage color pallete of real red, soft sky and whisper white. I can’t wait to brighten someone’s day with this simple card and while we are talking about chickens aren’t my babies adorable! They are some handsome looking fellas.


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